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Get a Lift

Stuck in a rut and in need of a Lift?

Service Description

How we go about our lives is often a direct response from the story we tell ourselves. The story we tell ourselves in our mind has the power to alter our course. Whether it's an empowering or disempowering story, it's a choice we make. However... When certain obstacles appear in our lives, it can sometimes be difficult to change the story we tell ourselves on our own. The initial Lift we need has to come from someone else. That's where we come in. As coaches, we help empower our clients to give themselves a lift and teach methods they can use in the future. If you're currently in a rut and need a Lift, this 1 hour session is perfect for you. Expect this session to be intense and tiring yet rewarding. There's a level of accountability we all need for the stories we tell ourselves but this will be a safe space for you to grow and overcome any obstacle that's currently in your way.

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