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Understand Yourself Personality Test

Understand Yourself Personality Test


Our 'Understand Yourself' Personality test is the DiSC test which was originally devised by William Moulton Marston, a Psychologist from Harvard University. his 1928 book 'Emotions of Normal People' established the theories which were later developed by many others in the field. 


The DiSC test is used by over 1 million people every year to help improve communication, productivity, teamwork and your ability to understand who you are on a deeper level.


The DiSC test is based on four personality traits;

D - Dominance

i - influence

S - Steadiness

C - Compliance


Your results will show 3 main graphs;

The 'Outer' You 

Version One of you represents your behaviour/personality as you would like others to see you. The way you would like to be perceived - especially in the work situation. This is the version that's most associated with 'masking' to the outside World.


The 'Inner' You

The second graph will be the 'inner' you. You as you feel inside - your 'true colours'. The graph for Version Two visualises how you think and feel about people and situations - as opposed to how you outwardly behave.



The third graph is a summary. The Summary Key Graph encapsulates and combines the 'outer' and the 'inner' you. It provides the most comprehensive and accurate picture of your DISC personality and behavioural style.

  • Personal Development

    Fully understand yourself on a deeper level and how you're seen by others

    Learn about your personality and how it impacts your life & work

    To understand others around you and how you can communicate better

    Professional Development

    To improve your communication skills with others and develop your leadership ability

    Relationship Development

    Understand how people perceive you and how you can start to understand them on a deeper level and develop a higher level of emotional intelligence

    Workplace Culture

    To improve workplace culture and cultivate effective communication and relationship building strategies


    To develop more confidence when leading teams and understand how to coach others around you

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