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The Lift Your 2024 Confidence Challenge will empower you to take charge of your life, build true inner confidence, and make 2024 your most successful year yet.

Participants who successfully complete the program and achieve their stated goals will be rewarded financially at the end (goals must be stated at the beginning of the program).


Lift participants confidence levels increase by up to 60% in the first 4 weeks of our program.

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Program overview

Week 1

Building Foundations

Goal: Lay the foundations for a confident 2024.

  • Activity: Self-assessment and goal setting.

  • Workshop: Identifying strengths and weaknesses.

Week 3

Power of Physical Health

Goal: Boost confidence through physical exercise.

  • Activity: Introduction to exercise routines.

  • Workshop: Nutrition and its impact on confidence.

Week 2

Mindset Mastery

Goal: Develop a resilient and positive mindset.

  • Activity: Daily gratitude journaling.

  • Workshop: Mental resilience techniques.

Week 4

The Art of Communication

Goal: Improve communication skills inside and outside work.

  • Activity: Practice effective communication.

  • Workshop: Public speaking and confidence-building exercises.

Week 5

Cultivating Self-image

Goal: Enhance self-perception and inner confidence

  • Activity: Mirror work and self-appreciation.

  • Workshop: Body positivity and self-love.

Week 7

Overcoming Challenges

Goal: Develop strategies for overcoming obstacles.

  • Activity: Problem-solving and decision-making exercises.

  • Workshop: Resilience in the face of setbacks.

Week 6

Goal Setting & Action Planning

Goal: Set clear and achievable goals for 2024.

  • Activity: Mirror work and self-appreciation.

  • Workshop: Body positivity and self-love.

Week 8

Celebrate & Reflect

Goal: Reflect on achievements and celebrate successes.

  • Activity: Group reflection and celebration.

  • Workshop: Creating a vision board for 2024.



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