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Welcome to Lift Group Coaching

We're taking 6 people on an incredible journey to lift their performance in every area of their lives. Our first group for 2024 will start in January. The group of 6 will have a 2 hour session each week (on Zoom) along with exercises to complete. There will also be a WhatsApp group set up for the 6 participants along with thier coaches to discuss the topics on the program. This group coaching program is designed to teach you how to perform at your very best in work and your personal life. The coaching will help you build resilience, overcome obstacles and reach your goals, all whilst being part of an exclusive support group. Let's take a look at the program content below...



1.1 - Knowing Yourself on a Deeper Level

Part of the performance journey is about understanding how you operate and what your strengths and weaknesses are. As a starting point, you'll receive a questionnaire which will instantly raise your awareness and set you up on the right roadmap for this program.


1.2 - Guiding Principles

Like with anything we do in our lives as human beings, we operate better under rules. Once you understand the parameters of these 'rules' we can learn to operate within them to get the very best outcome. Understanding the human mind and learning how to manipulate is key to performance. This is the stage where you'll start to take more control of your performance.


1.3 - The Art of Manipulation

The very word manipulation has a bad connotation however we all do it every day, especially within the work place. One of the rules of healthy manipulation is making sure that both parties 'win' and there are no losers. Once you understand how powerful you can be, you'll start to see big changes in your life.

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2.1 - Building Resilience

Resilience is a skill that needs constant attention. One of the biggest skills I carry into any challenge is the ability to switch my level of resilience to the highest level. We'll teach you how to build your own resilience and more importantly, how to keep it.


2.2 - Overcoming Obstacles

Life has a way of throwing obstacles at you from time to time. Sticking to a method that works for you is key and learning the tools within this program will help you come to terms with and overcome any adverse event in your life.


2.3 - Making Difficult Decisions


As human beings we tend to choose the path of least resistance. However, that's rarely the path with the most growth. Learning to make difficult choices in order to have the best outcome for everyone isn't easy yet, it's often the right decision. Learning to do this effectively and understanding the benefits will set you up with the right frame of mind as you move through this program.



3.1 - Goal Setting

Ever reached a goal and felt a little unfulfilled or feeling like you want to move onto the next one as soon as you can? Then there's a problem with your goal setting! There are many ways we set goals but you'll learn the optimal way of setting, reaching and being fulfilled by goals on this program.


3.2 - Building Habits

One of the things we talk about in high performance is the ability to create habits that lead to you reaching your goals. Without positive habits, we rely on luck and that's just not wise. You'll also get support in removing bad habits which may be harming your progress.


3.3 - Accountability


Just because this program has an end date, your accountability doesn't. This part of the journey is about the team of 6 working together and holding each other accountable. A WhatsApp group will be set up for people to discuss certain topics and if needed, ask each other for help. Life throws many curveballs our way and by creating a supportive group, everything will seem a little easier and much more fun!

Image by Marc-Olivier Jodoin

Annie Kilby

"Intense, fascinating, life changing. Loving sharing the journey with the other group members, the support is incredible, we've bonded so easily and quickly. Josh is so encouraging and full of positive affirmation, even when things are really intense and difficult. It really has improved my life in just 4 weeks."

Oliver Termeulen

"I’ve found the experience really insightful and fascinating. It’s great being part of a like minded group."

Anne Jones

"So far I have broken emotional barriers and it has helped me to move to the next stage of levelling up! It’s an amazing humbling experience of growth and self acceptance. Also Josh is just fantastic, his knowledge, support and skills have taught me so much about myself!"


Register your interest below and book a call with one of our coaches to discuss your specific goals.

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